How to switch between measures using a Parameter in Power BI


First, we must make sure that we have field parameters on by going to Options>Preview Features and check if Field Parameters is ticked.

       ·      Once it’s on, we can   create new measures or use measures that we have already created.

     Next, go to the Modeling tab and click on New Parameter then click on Fields.

A new window will appear, where we will add the measures we want to switch between under Add and reorder fields.


·      Once that’s done, we will make sure that Add slicer to this page is ticked and then click on Create.

·      A new table and slicer will be created, we can use the slicer to switch between measures and use the new table to create charts.

Next, we will select a graph and put the category in the Y-axis and put the newly created parameter from the parameter table in the X-axis.



·      Now we can switch between the measures by selecting a measure in the Sales Parameter slicer.

·      The only downside of this is that the slicer has both values selected by default, we can avoid that by changing the slicer selection to single selection in the slicer settings. 
Once that’s done, we can easily switch between measures as shown below.

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